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Written by Margaret Strause
What is your intention for 2023? To get healthy, lose weight, and get fit? Maybe spend more time with family or relax a little more?? Or be more organized - get more projects checked off that to-do list?

We all go into the new year with good intentions, GREAT intentions even. We plan accordingly, prepare mentally, and hit January 1st motivated to have an “A NEW YEAR - A NEW YOU” mindset. Go get ‘em!!

However, for most of us, it’s the 2nd week of January and then the 3rd week rolls around and we have less and less motivation to continue on the path to wellness, to less stress and more life-work balance, and to check off those to-dos. We all do it - it’s like we have no control over our lives, we feel like failures, and there is a perpetual mental block to accomplish the things we know we want to or need to live our best lives. UGH!!!

What can we do??!!

1. Don’t set any New Year’s resolutions - Yup, seriously. Why put all of that pressure on yourself? The pressure alone raises cortisol levels, creates anxiety, and may lead to depression. It’s not worth the duress. Just LOOK FORWARD to the New Year and enjoy the opportunity we have to make it whatever we want!!
2. Baby Steps - Whatever it is you feel you want or need to accomplish in 2023 - if you insist on setting goals - take it one very small step at a time. Small steps can lead to very big changes. For example, just moving your body for a short time every day (5 whole minutes) will improve your mood, circulation, you’ll have more energy - just a few stretches or squats and you’ll feel the difference. OR you want to eat healthier, but are tired of meal planning and meal prep, you’re too exhausted or busy to cook a healthy meal - and the inability to do just one of these things derails your good intentions. If this is the case, try a healthy meal delivery service - it will save you time and remove the stress of meal planning - at least for a few days a week. AND it’s more affordable than you think. Think about the value of your time (more time to spend with family or on that home project) , gas money OR the things you might buy if you shop in person (Oreos, chips, etc. ). Click here for more information on a great meal delivery service option.
These small steps are easy and even after a few weeks you should be able to see noticeable mental and physical improvements.

3. Journal - We know - who has the time?! If you set aside just 5 minutes a day, we promise you won’t regret it. What do we write about for 5 whole minutes?
Remember those baby steps we mentioned? Well, these are a great way to document your accomplishments, no matter how small. “I ate a salad for lunch today.” “I cleaned out my junk drawer today.” “I organized my closet.” “I walked around the block on my lunch break.” This may sound ridiculous, however when you look back at these small steps, we guarantee you, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and at the end of the year SEE and FEEL great improvements.

4. Add ONE thing to your daily routine that will improve your physical or mental health. - We’ve included some of our favorites below:
a. Wash your face every night before bed and add a moisturizer - we like a pure organic oil like rose hip, vitamin E, jojoba oil.
b. Try to get one extra hour of quality sleep every night. 8 hours is optimal, but just one extra hour per night will help improve your outlook on the day.
c. Move your body for 15 minutes a day. Walk around the block, do some squats and lunges at your desk, do some stretching, sweep or vacuum, wash your kitchen cabinets - anything that gets your body moving and the blood flowing.
d. Make sure you are consuming these essential nutrients OR take one of these supplements to help improve your health. Our bodies are commonly deficient in a few essential nutrients that may help with mood, sleep, energy, not to mention cardiovascular health, brain function and more. These are a few we recommend:
i. Magnesium (sleep, mood, leg cramps)
ii. Vitamin D3 with K2 (mood, bone health, cardiovascular health)
iii. A quality MultiVitamin (energy, overall health)
iv. Omega3’s - (cardiovascular health, brain function, joint health)
v. Fiber - (cardiovascular health, keeps blood sugar in check)
vi. Creatine - (helps build and maintain muscle mass/strength)
vii. Protein - (helps the body make cells and repair cells as well as build lean muscle.)
vii. Fruits & Veggies OR a supplement like Indigo Greens.
viii. A probiotic - especially if you have poor gut health or on a prescription medication.
ix. To make getting healthy easier than ever - subscribe to this ONE personalized essential nutrient program and make sure that you are getting almost everything your body needs in one dose. 44+ essential nutrients.
x. Wear Sunscreen

5. Make a To-Do list of 12 manageable projects you want to get done in the year to come. - Cross ONE THING off per MONTH. Just ONE - no more. If you do one thing a month that gets you closer to achieving your goals in 2023 that is one step closer than before. Even if it is to replace all of the burned out lightbulbs in the house, organize your closet or pantry, or start a scrapbook for your child, etc. 
6. Take a picture of yourself - At the beginning of 2023 and the end and see the difference just one small change makes!

These are attainable intentions for most - but again, if you don’t feel it - don’t sweat it!! Just WELCOME the NEW YEAR with GRATITUDE and KINDNESS toward yourself.

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